Obama’s media power

This blog post will look at Obama’s media power and his weakness.


Barack Obama has the most powerful media compared to his predecessors. His first tweet on his own account on Twitter has thousands of retweets.

5 million people are supporting Obama’s campaign on 15 different social media. Obama’s campaign has used social networks not only to boost money, also to give people hope they can make a difference.(Smith, A, Aaker, J. (2010)) Click to see the source.

“Obama wasn’t the only candidate to use Web 2.0 tools during the election campaign,” says Fraser, Coauthor with Dutta of Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom: How Online Social Networking Will Transform Your Life, Work and World. “But he was the only candidate to master it and use platforms like Facebook and YouTube to appeal to a new generation of Web-savvy voters. He is the first occupant of the White House to have won a presidential election on the Web.” External Writer. (28, Jan, 2009) Click to see the source

Look at Obama’s tweet

“Four more years” this tweet has the most retweets of the year of 2012. Obama is loved by many people not only Americans. Additionally, his speeches are absolutely powerful and one of them is “there is not a liberal America and a conservative America, there is the United States of America”.


Despite of Barack Obama’s powerful media and speeches, there are many people stand oppose him.

According to Killalea (2014), after the world war II Obama has got the title of the most unpopular president of the U.S. Click to see the source

Even Mr Switzer was shocked that Barack Obama is unpopular more than George W Bush. “But the reality is his policies have failed to kickstart the American economy” he said.

If we look at the poll, 38 per cent of people prefer Obama to be elected in 2012, while 45 per cent see Mr Romney as a better choice.

Despite Obama’s effort to improve America’s economy, remains to be seen inactive.

According to Mr Switzer, a lot of Americans are angry because of Obama’s failure to improve their country’s economy. Obama’s expectations were too high and “yes we can” made many Americans anxious when things went incorrectly. He said.

Kinder (2016) Obama is the first nation’s black president and he is near to leave the white house for Donald Trump. The outcomes of Obama’s presidency may help the future of racial politics in the U.S.

Whether we like him or not Barack Obama has been the president of the U.S. for eight years. As I mentioned above even though his strong media power, Obama is the most unpopular president of the United State.

This is Obama’s last speech at the U.N.


The picture’s source


An academic source.

Kinder, D., &  Chudy,  J. (2016). After Obama. FORUM-A JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH IN CONTEMPORARY POLITICS, 14(1), 3-15. Retrieved from http://apps.webofknowledge.com/full_record.do?product=WOS&search_mode=GeneralSearch&qid=1&SID=X2bCoVAIPBumcnBUDMi&page=3&doc=28&cacheurlFromRightClick=no




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