Can revealing our identity – who we are as we see ourselves – be risky? How might this cause problems?

Recently, I was using social media a lot. Communicating with people via social media like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. There are many people I know from different countries or even the same city I live in. Usually, I enter some information about myself in my profile (bio), so everyone can look at it. Once I had a request on Instagram, I looked at the person’s profile I found that he lives in the same city I live in. I accepted his request, we talked a little bit he seemed funny. I told him a lot of information of mine. Such as, family members, car, home, friends, and interests. Then we decided to meet in a coffee to get to know each other. We met, and he was completely different than the person I chatted with, he was introvert. He kept asking me a lot of questions about myself. I felt I am under investigation. Therefore, I learned to keep my general information secret, and I do not chat with anyone, some might be risky, criminals, or terrorists.

the risk of revealing identities


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According to Lewis, millions of people are effected by identity theft every year. Lack of consumers knowledge is one of many reasons that causes online theft and fraud. The limit government oversight, may help people to protect their identities, identify theft and fraud. 

The usage of social media sites have increased rapidly, which make it a perfect opportunity for criminals to steal identities. For example, criminals use social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social sites. If you post, you are on holiday this week. Then you cannot know if your home is stolen. Or your family has assaulted.Click to see the source

Photos, videos can be used to steal identities like YouTube. Sharing your favourite videos or pictures with your family, friends, or even your interests.


Stealing Identities might happen through your profile such as

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Home town
  • Relationship status
  • School locations and graduation dates
  • Pet names
  • Interests

 You have to keep your personal information secure and conditional.

Even GPS could be dangerous because it shares the places you visit, and your home address. Click to see the source

People in the U.S. with hidden identities have mental illness, minority sexual orientations, or history of one of them. Quinn, D, M & Earnshaw, V, A. (2014). Concealable Stigmatized Identities and Psychological Well-Being. PMC. 7(1), 40-51

The benefits of revealing identities

The internet has revolutionized social media sites. Every social site asks users to create files with their personal information. Also most of the sites require description of the education, career, location, and pictures of your own.

Social networking websites help people to put their real identities. Job opportunities like LinkedIn support users to have better communication with companies. Social sites aid people to contact online face-to-face communication via Skype, email, and seminars.

Do not give out everything about yourself. Because when you join an online group you do not need to reveal everything about yourself in order to avoid the fear of being disliked or what other think. Click to see the source

Some tips help you to manage your online identity.


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